Hello  Traders,

Last year we introduced Forex Freedom System to the public for the first time. It was one of our treasured systems that has worked well for us. We wanted to test out on whether the strategy would be affected if we had many traders taking up the signals.

And here are the results

Our Signals are printed on webpage and distributed over twitter, facebook and email

Our estimated reach is about 100,000 traders per day.

There are about 22 trading days in a month multiplied by 12 months you get 264 trading days a year. 264 days multiplied by 100,000 traders equals 26,400,000 traders

If each of the 26.4M traders took 5 trades a day, then it would result to 132 Million trades.

if you were to take total pips for the 132M trades and give each trade a conservative average of 25 pips

25 multiplied by 132 million trades equal to 3.3 billion pips.

Now what do these numbers mean to you?

If each trader is trading standard lots, 1.0 lot is equivalent to $10, so our 3.3 billion pips is equivalent to $33 billion gains in one year!

$33 billion divided by 100,000 traders averages $330K per year per trader

As you can see, the Forex Freedom System has proven Profitable on a Single User and even when tens of thousands are using the same strategy.


Forex Freedom System Signal software retails for $147

Forex Freedom System Robot retails for $197

the good news is: for $147 you can get BOTH the signal software and the manual and for $87 you can get the manual.

this offer will be valid for 30 days or earlier if the copies we have set up for release get depleted.

Take advantage and be a proud owner of this system.

Once we take it the offer down.. not only will the discounted prices be gone.. but the software will be gone forever, never to be released to the public. Even after this happens.. we shall no longer publish Forex Freedom System signals on this website.

get your copy of Forex Freedom Software at discounted price DOWNLOAD HERE



Jeremy Goodman

PS: when all set copies for release are depleted, no amount of begging, pleading or bribing will get you a copy once the door slums shut

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