Take a look at the pic below – can you spot the mistake this forex trader is making?

This lesson is part of a totally free forex training series.

It might be easier to spot the mistake if you tap here to watch the video clip of the trade

Can You Spot This Trader’s Mistake? Click to View Image

This City trader is missing a simple quick fix that could massively improve his trading profits.

If you can’t spot the problem then maybe you’re making the same mistake as well.

The bad news is this mistake could be killing your profits.

The good news is there is a simple 19-second fix that quickly improves your trading profits.

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“This completely changed the way I think about forex. I have learned more from this presentation than I did in 3 years from other so called professionals that claim they trade forex full time for a living. I was on the verge of giving up, and because I love trading, doing it only as a hobby. I thought I was not smart enough or suitable for this kind of work. Then I came across a webinar that James was hosting where he explained that technical analysis in forex does not work. It all started to make sense and I got excited about forex again.

Thank You James”. -Robert, from USA

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