@EURJPY(60) – Pattern : Crab – Target : 137.423-2022.06.16 18:44

Zenith Harmonic Patterns Predictor

@EURJPY(60) – Pattern : Crab – Target : 137.423

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there are two
types of signals

Scanner Signals
and Predictor Signals

Scanner Signals
have Entry price, take profit 1,2,3 and stoploss

you can choose
your favourite take profit or close the trade partially when each take
profit is hit.

Scanner signals
also have Instant execution of buy/sell signals and Pending orders that
are posted as BuyStop and SellStop

you can get
resources on Youtube on how to open limit orders (instant) and/or stop
orders (pending)

Signals are a study of the market.  The point D that reads as
target is the price forecast, where we expect the price to hit.

When D is above
spot price its a Buy,  when D is below spot price its a

you can use
target as your take profit or a few pips before the D point as your
take profit level

the stoploss can
be half your take profit in pips.

Signals with
TP/SL are generated by
Zenith Harmonic Patterns

While Trade
calls that predit D point are Generated by
Zenith Harmonic
Patterns Predictor

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