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Forex Revival Profits Indicator

Forex Revival Profits (FRP) System is built on:

  1. Two (2) Moving Average Indicators,
  2. Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  3. One Custom indicator built according to some Mathematical formula
  4. Average True Range(ATR) and
  5. Price action.

As the name suggests, We built Forex Revival Profits System to meet the needs of our subscribers, who have traded and lost Or just Not found a consistently profitable system.

There are as many successful strategies as there are traders. As a way to have a strategy that would accommodate majority of traders and their trading methodology.. we had to come up with a system that would trade : Any currency, Any Time frame  with smart exit strategies.

For example, Jason Likes to trade longer time frames from Sunday Evening through Wednesday evening. This way he can close any open trades towards Thursday and Friday.

He also likes to trade medium time frames on Thursday, and to scalp his way on Friday on trades he can enter and exit in minutes.

Susan on the other hand is a part time trader and a Swing trade. She prefers to scan the markets once a week using the daily time frame and the weekly time frame. she enters trades on Monday and Tuesday and monitors the trades periodically for the rest of the week and some trades are carried over the weekend to the following week.  When she's on leave, she likes to trade intra-day trades or just scalp the markets.

Frank is a couch trader and is always flipping channels when he finds interesting news he gets to his computer and with the help of a software he can scan for trade opportunities and quickly enter and exit trades..  He also has a blog that he updates on currency pair analysis.

And then there is another trader, and that's YOU, yes You..  No matter what your situation is like.. Forex Revival Profits System can have a way to fit into your personality, even your trading methodology..

We have been posting sample signals on this website in respect to FRP strategy but we've only been doing it for a limited number of pairs and on medium and longer time frame. This then means the scalpers have not had a chance to experience the power of FRN.  In any case we are limited in posting signals on short time frames as a Signal is valid by the length of its time frame. For example a signal on H4 is valid for 4 hours from the time it was posted. A signal on M5 time frame is only valid for FIVE minutes on the 6th minute the signal has expired. SIMPLY said.. a signal is only valid on its initial candle when it was posted.. if the signal moves to a second candle then it has expired.

We have fully tested the Forex Revival Profits Strategy and found it to be profitable and consistent.

Again here is why it fits every trader and their UNIQUE Situation:

  • Pair - FRP works on ANY currency pair, Indices, Commodity or Metal
  • Time Frame - FRN can work on any time frame, from M5, H4 to Daily Time frames

STATEMENT: 607.64% Gains in Six Months on a 3K Account..

"How Forex Revival Profits Works..

Forex Revival Profits is a trend based system. It's built to trace new trend in a given pair on a specified time frame.

  1. The trend is detected by Moving Averages (MA), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and Forex_Revival_Profits_Indicator_1.
  2. All trade signals generated by this strategy are Market Orders and must be opened exactly at the signal candle which has Buy/Sell arrows printed on the chart on a specific candle.
  3. StopLoss/TakeProfit is calculated according to defined ATR periods and minimum Profit/Risk is 1.5.
  4. Exit rules are according to Hard SL/TP or in reverse signals.

In Built Trade Manager EA

Forex Revival Profits Trade Alert Software is Semi-Automated with a Trade manager EA to make certain tasks easier for you:

  1. Open Trades by One-Click - When a signal pops up you can confirm to open a trade by clicking the OK button as seen on this Image.
  2. Inbuilt Risk Management - One of the difficulties that traders struggle with is a lack of consistent money and risk management rules.  The Trade manager EA controls Risk to limit lot size per trade based on available balance on your account.
  3. Exit Trades by Reverse Signal - when there is an open trade on a certain pair and there happens to be a reverse signal. The old trade is closed regardless of whether there is a negative or positive balance to the trade.. This helps to cut losses or exit profitable trades where Take profit or stoploss has NOT been hit yet.
  4. Dynamic Take Profit and Stop Loss - we use Average True Range and some math calculations to determine a specific hard take profit and stoploss for every trade. This maximizes profit and minimizes losses for every given trade opportunity.
  5.  Fake Stop Loss - we show a fake stop loss to the broker, to avoid a case of stop hunting by rogue brokers.


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